OMR Vision from MurrayData - what does the future hold for OMR?Since the 1960’s, the data capture industry has been based on paper. It has taken until the 21st century, with the advent and proliferation of the internet and mobile phones to begin to move away from this standardised method.

Paper has its place. It will not simply fade away in a few years time. They said the same for faxes and postage back in the 90’s, but both are still alive and kicking today. More and more often we see customers using a combination of techniques to capture, analyse and report on the data and information collected. MurrayData have even seen customers go from paper only solutions to web only soutions, only to retreat back to a hybrid mix of paper and web technologies, as each has its advantages and disadvantages.

So our vision for this industry over the next 3-5 years is one in which customers will demand greater flexibility in the media used to capture data, an expansion in higher and further eduction establishments using online testing and assessment systems, especially for module completion and revision needs. We also see increased use of compliance and core skills learning and assessment in the workplace during this time as employers invest in staff development, again through integration of online test systems.

However, we see the area of surveys going through the biggest change in the years ahead. Companies which proactively seek feedback from their employees and customers and make informed decisions based on it are the ones whcih will be the most profitable and successful. The more feedback you can gather, from a more diverse range of media, the more accurate your data, and ultimately your information, will be. We see seismic changes ahead in the desire of organisations to more regularly assess their productivity, morale and customer service levels.

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