Who Is Who

As a simple guide to who is who in MurrayData, we have listed below the founders and executives of the company, with a few of the things they believe are important.

Ken Rafferty

Ken RaffertyKen Rafferty has worked for a number of companies in technical and commercial roles since 1984. Asked what three key things he has learned from his working life, Ken replied ‘Say what you mean and mean what you say – I know its an old cliche but it is so true. If you commit to do something, make sure you do it. Credibility is won or lost more often on this point than just about any other. I learned this the hard way on a few occasions in the late 80’s and early 90’s.’

‘Secondly, listen to what the customer is saying. So often in meetings people have their own agendas and like to hear the sound of their own voice. Don’t ever be afraid to stop things and ask for a minute to think about what has just been said, or ask for clarification if you dont understand.’

‘Finally, do your homework! A little bit of research pays dividends. In this day and age, with technology at our fingertips, it does not take a rocket scientist to find out relevant information on competitors, customers, users or markets. It just requires effort, and differentiates the premium from the standard.’ To talk to Ken directly, call +44 (0)1462 683533

Steve Kilbey

Steve Kilbey 2 CroppedSince the early 1980’s Steve Kilbey has gained invaluable experience working for a number of both large multi national and small to medium sized companies. Since 1993 he has been involved in the scanning and imaging industry, starting with one of the first image scanners to enter the market, with Panasonic Business Systems, and working with one of the first Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) engines with NCS.

Steve has provided Data Capture solutions and services including Forms Processing, Image Processing, Optical Mark Recognition, OCR and ICR to the likes of LloydsTSB, the Metropolitan Police, Oxford Brookes University, American Express, the Pensions Management Institute, and the University of Hertfordshire to name but a few.

“I learned early on in this industry that the key to a satisfied customer is not to try and shoe horn them into the products you have available, but to identify and understand your clients needs, and in partnership with them, provide a real solution to their specific requirements. I believe this is why I’ve been at the forefront of providing Data Processing solutions for the past 15 years.” To speak to Steve directly, call +44 (0)1462 683533