inspection of cocoa trees and farms in Ghana is something we have experience of

Cocoa pods, trees and farms are things that are regularly inspected in Ghana

Inspections are ideally suited to OMR data capture, as they use a standard form over and over again. MurrayData have experience of helping two organisations with inspections.

Firstly, we have helped Cocoa Abrabopa in Ghana to inspect the cocoa farms of their association members all over the country. This process used to take place using manual data entry, but became unworkable once their membership smashed through the 10,000 barrier. So we designed a 4-page booklet for them in OMR format, printed several thousand of these, and delivered an Insight 4ES scanner with ScanTools Plus software to their site in Dunkwa-On-Offin. We even went to their head office to install the scanner and software, test that it all worked, and trained their staff and inspectors on how to fill in the forms and how to capture the data from them once completed. This saved Cocoa Abrabopa an enormous amount of time and effort in collecting the data from each farm in the association in its annual certification process.

Secondly, we have also helped Siemens in the UK with inspections of wind turbine sites. Similarly, we designed a one page form for them in OMR format, had this professionally printed several thousand times, and delivered these to site. MurrayData supplied an EZData scanner and Edumetric software on that occasion, and installed the system on site as well as staff training.

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