Outpatient Feedback

36ology quoteWe were approached by someone who works in the National Health Service (NHS) to see if we could create an outpatient feedback system based on our OMR scanners and specific tailored software. After some market analysis, we saw that there was a genuine opportunity to provide a unique package that would capture data right down to the ‘doctor seen’ level, and would be anonymous for the patient.

There are many systems for capturing patient experiences online, but these often have the problem of low response rates, as people easily forget to go online to give feedback when they get home, or it seems unimportant then. Giving a patient who has just been seen by a doctor or consultant a simple form to fill in and deposit in a ‘feedback box’ is simple and often gets response rates of 75% and above.

These completed forms are collated and scanned at the end of the day, and all choices, and even comments, are accurately recorded by the system. Each completed form takes about 2 seconds to scan. Data and reports can then be examined by each doctor for their own clinic, or by the patient experience manager, or medical director, or even the CEO.

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