Psychosocial Risks

Ken Scan cropThere are many different types of personality or psychology applications that regularly use OMR formatted sheets for capturing and analysing data. This is one MurrayData came across which originated in Spain, and which deals with bullying and psychosocial risks at work. There is a lot of scientific research that sits behind this kind of work, and we have access to the entire application that underpins this whole form. We can provide hundreds or thousands of these professionally printed forms under licence, and scan the completed forms to produce results, reports and graphs.

From these, managers and directors can evaluate if these risks are present within their organisation, and take steps to eradicate the problem, then have the workforce complete these forms again at some time in the future to see that the problem has reduced or is no longer present. Simply click on the image shown on the right to expand it for a better view of the questions, or contact us and we will send you a PDF version of the whole A4 single sided form.

If you are in Human Resources and consider that there might be a need to conduct this type of survey in your organisation, then please call us now on +44 (0)1462 683 533