Hardware products come in three categories:

  • optical mark reader with example omr forms and softwareOMR scanners, such as the robust EZData, Opscan4ES, Opscan 6, Opscan 8, Opscan 10 and Opscan 15.
  • OMR + Image scanners, such as the pioneering Insight 4ES, Insight 20, Insight 30, Insight 70 and Insight 150 machines
  • Scantron Score , the new Test Scoring Machine (TSM), all-in-one OMR scanner.

Software products available from MurrayData are:

  • Question Bank software, such as ParTest or SQB for your own question repositories
  • Exam Marking software, such as Edumetric or ParScore for multiple choice type questions
  • Utility software, such as ScanTools+ with its various add-on modules for OMR, OCR, ICR and barcodes
  • Survey software, such as SpeedQuest for scanning and reporting of OMR data from special forms
  • Form design software, such as DesignExpert from Scantron (previously NCS Pearson)

OMR Forms and Sheets

OMR forms : examples of exam, survey, evalauation, inspection and pools sheetsForms and Sheets come in various designs, but can loosely be categorised into standard forms and designed forms. These can be for exam, assessment, feedback, questionnaire, evaluation, survey, customer data or utility purposes. Find out more about OMR forms and sheets.

PAST (Patient Alcohol Screening Tool)

PAST : finally, there is a new product available in the UK for NHS hospital use, called PAST (Patient Alcohol Screening Tool). This is a package of scanners, software, forms, installation training and service contract.

Outpatient Feedback

36ology : an innovative and unique outpatient feedback system, for use in hospital outpatient departments. Packaged as OMR scanner, 36ology software, forms, install, training and service contract.

To talk to us about any product above, or data capture in general, please call us on +44 (0)1462 683533.