Alcohol Screening Tool

Alcohol screening tools are used by the NHS in the UK MurrayData has developed a new package for NHS hospitals in the UK to monitor the alcohol use of all patients visiting a department, in line with recent government directions. This package called PAST (Patient Alcohol Screening Tool) was created in consultation with NHS staff who understand the questions to use in this monitoring and the associated scoring of each question to produce an immediate overall patient score.

What Does It Do?

It allows hospitals to monitor patient alcohol use very quickly and very easily, on a voluntary basis. Using standard pre-printed forms, it automatically captures data from the form the patient has just filled in, and stores the data. It frees up hospital staff and resources for other things and proves the hospital is screening patients for alcohol use and gives a simple ‘score’ for each patient, with warning lights. The data and images of the forms scanned are stored securely and are only accessible and exportable by hospital staff.

Patient Alcohol Screening Tool (PAST) systemWhat Does It Consist Of?

  • Scantron Insight 20 data capture scanner – a minimum of 1 at your busiest clinic or department (typically A&E) – and others as required at other clinics or departments
  • PAST software for each scanner in the hospital
  • 10,000 professionally printed AUDIT test forms, ready for use, per scanner
  • Installation of hardware and software in each department
  • Training for each departmental group of users, with simple one page user guide as prompt/reminder
  • Service contract for 1 year, includes help desk access, software updates and engineer on site within 48 hrs if required

What Does It Look Like?

As each patient completes their form and hands it back, the system quickly scans the form and scores it according to current NHS guidelines. The resulting patient score is indicated on screen along with the suggested guidance for the nurse or doctor in relation to the patient score.

To see the system in operation, please see our 2 minute video.

Technical Considerations

Installation dates need to be coordinated with your hospital IT staff (permissions required to install software on your PCs). PAST software can be loaded on any PC running at least XP, Vista or Windows 7. Coordination of staff who will use the system needs to be considered, as it should be done straight after installation. If technical issues arise, help desk may need to access PC remotely using LogMeIn or equivalent service.

Version 1 of this system is expected to be available from 1st October 2012. During 2013, a second version is anticipated which will add personalised patient feedback in letter form, using data requested from the hospital database, as well as language variations and form variations. Alcohol screening programmes using alternative tools (e.g. FAST test) will be available if requested. Patent applied for on 27 Sep 2012, application number GB1217278.9.

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