Complete Hospital Audit and Reporting Tool (CHART)

CHART is the new hospital audit system created by MurrayData that is unique in the healthcare marketplace. It is an IT based solution for automatically capturing meaningful data, quickly and accurately, from all around the hospital. It is absolutely UNIQUE in the healthcare marketplace, because it covers areas such as, but not limited to:

  • Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs)
  • Outpatient Feedback
  • Inpatient Feedback
  • Alcohol Screening (AUDIT or FAST based)
  • Surgical Checklists
  • Nursing Checklists

Basically, anywhere in the hospital where generic forms are filled in, many times each day, by staff or patients, whether for evaluations, feedback, checklists or screening, CHART can help you quickly and accuratley capture this data, keep a verifiable digital record of it, and provide reports to auditors, management and clinicians.

CHART software and modules seen on screen

CHART software and modules seen on screen

Our hospital audit system is easy to install and will integrate into any existing hospital IT infrastructure, including data backup and data protection requirements you have in place. Training is given to users of the CHART system, and within a day they can be productively capturing data and producing meaningful reports.

MurrayData are experts in capturing data from structured OMR forms. We use the very latest ‘OMR With Image’ scanners from Scantron Inc (see as part of our CHART systems. This allows us to guarantee the speed, quality and accuracy of any data captured.

We have even made the CHART software modular, so you can buy the core software, then add modules for each of your areas of interest as you grow in confidence that the system is producing reports and results that are reliable, and which you can act on.

In terms of compliance and auditing, there is no better or more comprehensive hospital audit system in the healthcare marketplace, anywhere in the world. It is a cost-effective system, and will greatly reduce the amount of manual data entry done throughout your hospital on a daily basis, and will save time and money over many years, from an operational standpoint. There are sometimes grants and funds available to help with the initial purchase of this system, such as CQUIN and NHS Test Beds in the UK.

Even with PROMs, which are a fairly new way of recording and reporting the outcomes of their medical care, our system has evolved to handle experimental or pilot PROMs. Our PROM based modules cover specialisms such as Cardiology, Hepatology, Dermatology, Respiratory and several others.

Our patient feedback module, whether outpatient or inpatient, allows for detailed reporting back to the individual clinician or doctor, for use in their annual appraisals, or in their 5-yearly revalidation process.

We can even go as far as generating letters to GPs from the Alcohol Screening tool module, for those patients who score at medium or high levels in the AUDIT or FAST tests.

In short, there has never been a more cost-effective, easy to use, comprehensive and useful hospital audit and reporting system available to hospitals anywhere in the world. Moreover, we have not stopped there. We accept that there may yet be other areas of hospital administration and data capture that our system could handle, and are quite happy to develop new modules as they are identified, maybe even by you …!!!

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