OMR Forms

OMR Forms are used for specific applications with specific omr softwareOMR forms are a specifically designed and structured type of data capture form. These software designed pages are the best medium for capturing data from paper, in terms of speed, accuracy and minimum human intervention.

Types Of OMR Forms

OMR forms come in two general types : standard and tailored. Standard forms are used by many different customers where the generalised sheet covers all the needs. Tailored sheets allow for personalisation, logos and specific questions or data blocks, and need to be designed specifically and the OMR software given details about this newly designed form. We design tailored forms using either Freehand or DesignExpert software.

When it comes to answer sheets, feedback forms or any other specialist print for data capture, MurrayData have a wealth of experience in :

  • Designing new OMR forms, sheets and booklets
  • Updating or modifying existing forms
  • Decoding forms for different software applications
  • Supplying standard ‘Scantron’ or old ‘Pearson’ forms
  • Providing between 1,000 and 50,000 sheets in one print run
  • Matching pantone and ‘drop out’ colours
  • Re-printing existing OMR forms

All our design, decode and print work is carried out by skilled professionals and we guarantee that your form will work correctly. We only work with specialist quality printers and always obtain 3 quotes for each project in order to get the best possible price for our customers. Our expert advice has helped dozens of organisations capture the data they need, first time, every time, for over a decade. We can help you too!

OMR Forms : A Word Of Caution

As a note of warning, MurrayData would strongly advise customers to avoid software packages and systems which advocate printing your own OMR sheets on a laser printer. Tolerances with printer drivers and image resolutions coupled with a fantastic array of different printers will almost certainly lead to ‘tears before bedtime’. Overprinting questions or data onto pre-printed structured forms is perfectly acceptable. Yes, you will pay marginally more per sheet for specially printed forms, as opposed to your own laser printing toner and running costs, but there is no comparison between a working system and an intermittent or inoperative system.

To speak to MurrayData about new or existing OMR forms and printing, please call us now on +44 (0)1462 683533.