OMR Scanners and Variations

Opscan 15 OMR scannersHere is a typical or traditional image of an OMR scanner : in this case the Opscan 15 from Scantron. However, the world of OMR scanners has changed quickly since around 2008, with the introduction of ‘OMR With Image’ scanners, as well as small education oriented scanners. We have subcategorised these three different types of scanner below.

It is worth pointing out at this stage that not all OMR scanners are available in all parts of the world. For example, in the European Union (EU), all electrical devices must be CE approved (i.e. have the CE mark). It is very important that you check with any potential OMR scanner provider that the CE mark exists for the scanner you want.

Similarly, there is also another regulation known as RoHS (Restriction on Hazardous Substances). In many OMR scanners, there are a few components made of lead (Pb). Be careful to check if RoHS regulations are in force in the country you wish to import the OMR scanner into.


OMR Scanners

opscan 4es omr scannersOMR Scanners – typically robust machines that detect marks on a pre-defined page (either lines or bubbles) using red LEDs in a read head. The most popular and value for money machines we have come across are the EZData scanner (the sort of machine that reads a small lottery form) and the Opscan 4ES that can cope with A4 sheets. MurrayData can even provide the high end Insight 70 and 150 OMR scanners.


Hybrid Scanners

insight 4es omr scanners with imageOMR + Image Scanners – Since about 2008, these new machines have entered the marketplace, allowing users the flexibility to capture traditional OMR data from lines or bubbles on a page, as well as OCR, ICR, barcode and image clip. These machines are best represented by the Insight 4ES, Insight 20 and Insight 30. One of the great advantages of using these machines is that any corrections or error reviews can be done on-screen, rather than having to look at the actual paper form to see where the error exists and then correct it. On-screen corrections save time and effort when processing hundreds or thousands of forms.


scantron score test scoring machine (TSM) - omr scannersScantron Score , the new Test Scoring Machine (TSM) that does not require software or PCs to connect to it. This is a new and revolutionary product, capable of marking 40 exam answer sheets per minute, and giving instant results.

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