OMR Software

OMR Software is essential for OMR scanners to function properly

OMR software is often tailored for the data capture application, for example exams, surveys, alcohol screening, outpatient feedback or general data capture

OMR software, in a data capturing sense, when linked to an OMR scanner, will perform most if not all of the following five tasks:

  1. Drive the scanner
  2. Capture the raw data from each form scan
  3. Interpret the data captured
  4. Process this data using scoring algorithms or defined weighting indexes to provide graphical and/or tabular results
  5. Allow for exporting the data into a defined format

It is very important to consider carefully what features you need, and don’t need, from the OMR software which will capture, process and export your data. We have categorised the software that MurrayData provide into five sections as follows:

  • Question Bank – Scantron ParTest, for various types of multiple choice questions, either standalone or network version.
  • Exam Processing – such as Edumetric or Scantron ParScore, for single correct answer MCQ and other objective exams, plus short written answer and essay scoring
  • Utility – such as Scantron ScanTools Plus and its various modules, for capturing OMR, OCR, ICR, barcode and image clip data.
  • Survey – using STP or Edumetric software, whichever is the most suitable OMR software for the application you have, or even tailored software for patient feedback, agricultural inspections, alcohol screening tools, etc.
  • Form Design – such as DesignExpert from Scantron, for user who need to create several different forms by themselves.

The ability to understand what a customer wants to achieve and then recommending the most appropriate software solution is what differentiates MurrayData from any other company. Many times we are asked for OMR software or OMR solutions from customers, only to find out that additional data from hand written text boxes, barcodes or signatures need to be captured also, which steers us down a completely different path. We are confident that our experience in all these technologies and software products will benefit you in the short, medium and long term.

To speak to us about a specific piece of OMR software, or software in general for data capture, please call us now on +44 (0)1462 683533