Exam Marking Software

MurrayData can provide two different exam marking software products, each of which has its own unique features and benefits. Both of them handle objective testing : or in other words multiple choice question (MCQ) styles, and provide comprehensive reports as standard. The first is EdumetricPlus, the second is Scantron’s REMARK v5.


Edumetric screenshotTaking a look at EdumetricPlus first, this versatile software represents the most up to date generation of assessment software using the combined technologies of OMR and Imaging to create a truly unique and innovative tool. It is used in conjunction with hybrid scanners such as the Insight 20, Insight 30 or the Insight 4ES, as well as the smaller hand-fed EZData.

EdumetricPlus is a complete examinations system, integrating automated data capture, interpretation of marks, on-screen editing of errors, scoring and reporting for many different types of multiple choice assessments. Examination administrators are completely free to define the overall structure of their assessments and are able to set up sub-tests, multiple papers, pass marks, grading schemes and even negative scoring if required. It even allows for open question scoring (such as short written answers and essay type questions), and combines these n the overall marking structure and reports.

edumetric exam marking softwareThe detailed reporting facility within the software enables users to produce reports such as :

  • list (for the whole class),
  • individual,
  • item analysis (to identify how each question performed),
  • response distribution,
  • right/wrong/blank
  • consolidated.

The software comes with export facilities as standard, direct to Excel or PDF format. There are standard answer sheets, or we can design one specifically for you, with your own logo, number of questions, possible answers, open questions, student ID variations and more. Ask us to send you some PDF examples. Incredibly, the software now comes with student evaluation form processing and attendance form recording FREE as part of the software.

MurrayData recommend this exam marking software, with its comprehensive reports and export capabilities, more often than any other similar software. It was created by a team of engineers who equally understood OMR scanners as well as the MCQ exam marking administration and processes.


Stop grading tests or entering survey responses by hand! Remark’s sturdy recognition engine reads most common Scantron forms—scanned using Scantron OMR and imaging scanners— and transforms marks into usable data. Use the Grade Wizard tool to set up answer keys, grade scales, and learning objectives for a variety of question formats and grade your tests automatically.

Remark’s Automation Wizard helps power users set up standard tasks such as scanning, saving data, running reports, and exporting or emailing results so that other users can perform these tasks automatically, without having to learn the complete Remark application. You can even start these automated tasks from within other applications. Once you define and save your automated process on any computer where Remark is already installed, users can simply double-click the automated process and they’re done!

Remark provides a variety of graphical reports to help you make the best possible instructional or business decisions—and communicate the basis for those decisions effectively. From test results to item analysis to survey question cross-tabulation, Remark is sure to provide the data view you need, quickly and easily.


One additional type of objective assessment, commonly used by medical, nursing and pharmacy schools is Objective Structured Clinical Exams (OSCE). In other sectors, such as policing, this is known as Objective Structured Practical Exams (OSPE). In summary, this is an active demonstration of learning outcomes by assessors or monitors, usually in a circuit of timed stations. MurrayData have access to one of the world’s leading authorities on OSCE and software to mark and grade these exams.

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