Form Design

DesignExpert – OMR Form Design Software from Scantron

Design Expert OMR form design software Working on screenIntuitive forms are the building blocks of successful data collection projects. Scantron DesignExpert™, award winning OMR form design software, allows you to design, print, and personalize scannable forms for automated data capture. By using Scantron DesignExpert software, you can quickly create hundreds of scannable forms with a click of a mouse. The software includes a wide range of graphics and text capabilities and combines the features that you need to create scannable forms from your desktop PC.

Features and Capabilities Scantron DesignExpert software works with the latest versions of Microsoft® Windows® operating systems and the latest in desktop publishing technologies. The features include:

Document Setup Wizards allow you to easily design forms – from single-or double-sided sheets to continuous forms, multi-parts, and booklets up to 120 pages.

Graphics & Text capabilities include a variety of tools such as optical mark read (OMR) response and handprint tools, text tools, line tool, box tools, polygon tool, precise paragraph alignment and spell check.

Image Import functionality that imports artwork from almost any illustration package, including scanned images such as company or organization logos.

Bar code and Pre-slug your forms using your own laser printer. Forms designed with the OMR version of Scantron DesignExpert can be pre-slugged with variable information from your database.

See our new 6 minute educational video on OMR form design, which teaches at an introductory level about the basic principles involved, in 10 simple steps.

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