OMR Survey Software

OMR Survey Software Essentials

When some people use the word survey in connection with OMR survey software, others use words such as questionnaire, feedback or even evaluation. The most common type of survey we come across is the student survey or feedback, usually at the end of modules or terms. From our perspective, we understand what customers are talking about, and look to provide the best OMR survey software for the job at hand. For the most part, we try to identify early on if the survey has any or all of the following features:

  • simple choice answer grids, usually ranging from completely agree to completely disagree, or similar
  • other data to collect such as gender, ethnicity, age, date, course code, etc
  • personalised data, e.g. lecturer or teacher code
  • anonymous or identified form
  • hand written comments box
  • reports required or raw data output in CSV or Excel format

We then use our expertise to design a form specific to your requirements. Once this is approved by you, we then ‘decode’ this form, so that the OMR survey software knows about your new form in detail, and knows how to interpret data collected from the completed sheet. Finally, we arrange for one of our partner printing companies, who understand about the specifications of OMR form printing, to lithographically print anywhere between 1000 and 100,000 forms for you to use.


Some of the OMR survey software we use provide bar chart or pie chart reports for any of the questions or data captured from the completed forms. Others only provide raw exporting of the data. Regardless of which software package we recommend, we can always advise on how to get the reports you require, either by using the software’s own reporting features or by secondary processing in applications such as Excel or SPSS.

For more information on OMR Survey Software and how to capture data from surveys, questionnaires, feedback forms and evaluation sheets, please contact MurrayData on +44 (0)1462 683533