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Keep your questions secure with Question Bank Software

Why do so many university departments and awarding bodies still keep their multiple choice questions (MCQ) and answers in Word or Excel documents instead of an MCQ or item bank? Let’s have a quick think about the value or net worth of your objective exam questions. Research by MurrayData over many years indicates that a typical MCQ is worth a minimum of £20, and as much as £100, depending on how many people have worked on and amended the question over time, and the subject specialism. With a relatively small list of 500 MCQs, this would be worth anywhere between £10k-£50k. Then there are other issues such as security and usability. So why not use the right tool for the job, at a price that is affordable?

MurrayData provide two different question bank software products, each of which has its own unique features and benefits. The first is SQB, and the second is Scantron’s ParTEST.

SQB Question Bank Software

SQBTaking each in turn, SQB is a powerful tool for monitoring the development, management and maintenance of multiple choice and other question formats. It enables academics and examination administrators to construct better assessments. Also, it keeps question performance statistics and a full history of the question’s development, which MurrayData has found to be an incredibly useful feature in improving the quality of examinations over time.

In SQB, questions are held in libraries which usually relate to the subject category. A tree structure implementation enables each of these libraries to be further sub-divided into as many categories and sub-categories as required. Questions for an examination can be selected manually, randomly, using an algorithmic procedure or ‘blue printing’. If you are serious about question banking, then MurrayData would definitely recommend you to take a look at SQB more closely.

ParTEST Question Bank Software

ParTest part of ParSystemTurning to the second question banking software, ParTEST is part of the ParSystem suite from Scantron, and marketed exclusively in the UK and Ireland by MurrayData. Educators can now create customized tests quickly and easily with ParTEST. And you can import files that allow computer testing over local networks or on the Internet with ParTEST Online.

ParTEST includes all the tools and technology to make test creation easy and more effective. Users can create numerous item banks, each with up to 2,000 questions— true/false, multiple-choice, fill in, matching and essay. All questions can be grouped by objective and include multimedia files. It can handle single correct answer or multiple correct answer questions, which can make a real difference!

When combined with its sister program ParSCORE, you can track statistical information for each question including item analysis, response frequency, discrimination levels and degree of difficulty.

ParTEST is extremely user friendly. Simply select questions from various item banks via key-word search or create your own. Then you just drag and drop into a test singularly or in groups. All item banks, tests and test-related statistical data are easily imported and exported.

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