ScanTools Plus : the best data capture software for Scantron scanners

ScanTools Plus utility software With the introduction of ScanTools Plus utility software, Scantron have revolutionised data collection by combining robust OMR (Optical Mark Reader) and image-based data collection capabilities into a single data capture software package. ScanTools Plus provides the accuracy of OMR data and the ability to gather critical images – all in a single pass through the scanner without slowing down the scanner.

An optional module, called Real Time Character Recognition (RTCR) allows even more flexibility in collecting data, as it gives ScanTools Plus the additional capability of capturing OCR and ICR data. With this module added to ScanTools Plus, you can capture a wide variety of data from a single form, including barcode data and even image clips such as signatures. The possibilities in form design are now vastly expanded.

Efficiently and seamlessly, integrate both OMR (optical mark reader) and image-based scanning functionality into applications you develop with ScanTools Plus Link software developer’s kit (SDK). This software represents the latest in creative data collection from Scantron and is 100% compatible with any Scantron scanner including the OpScan iNSIGHT range.

STOP PRESS : Towards the end of 2016, a new version of this utility OMR software will be available. Currently, it is planned to be called ScanTools Prisma.

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