Outpatient Feedback

36ology outpatient feedback systemThe simple reason behind the creation of this package was that outpatient feedback within a clinic, hospital or surgery is often an afterthought. In the minority of cases where patient feedback is obtained, it is very rarely captured electronically, and practically never analysed. So how to hospital managers or medical directors know how their doctors, nurses and even reception staff are performing? The simple answer is : they don’t. In many instances, annual reviews, or appraisals every 2 or 3 years is more like the normal.

So it became clear that a simple paper-based patient feedback form would meet this need. But not any old form. This form had to conform to 4 criteria:

  • it would be approved by patient groups or forums
  • it would be anonymous
  • it would capture the doctor/consultant details using a barcode, to be used in doctor appraisals and revalidation process
  • it would be scannable for accurate and quick data capture

So where can this system be used? In outpatient clinics. In GP surgeries. Even in dental practices where there are 5 or more dentists working there.

So how does the system work in practice? Once the patient has been seen, they are given a 36ology form, as seen in the image below. The bar code of the doctor they have just seen is stuck onto the form. The patient fills in 8 simple questions about their experience. The patient deposits the completed form in an appropriate in-tray or box. At the end of the day, all the forms for the clinic(s), surgeries, etc, are collated, typically in the managers or directors office. All forms are scanned and data from the forms automatically captured. The data is immediately available as reports at the click of the software buttons, or exported as CSV or Excel format. Sort the data by doctor code, analyse the data, produce charts or graphs …..

scan36ology crop

No other outpatient feedback system is as easy to use, affordable, accurate, quick or reliable.

This is just a section of the A4 single sided form, but it gives a clear impression of the form layout and structured ‘OMR’ design of the form.

We captured some real data from a Hepatology clinic at the Royal Free hospital in north London. From the reports and graphs shown below, you can see that we captured data from 113 forms, filled in by patients that day. We can produce reports right down to the individual doctor level, but in this case we are only showing the Hepatology clinic as a whole. You can see from the ‘list report’ that the section on the form allowing hand written comments is captured as an image clip and added to the data. We do not believe there is another system anywhere in the world that captures these images and adds them to reports in this manner, which makes 36ology from MurrayData a unique, innovative and pioneering system.

hep waiting time


list report cropTo talk to MurrayData about any aspect of outpatient feedback, capturing data, producing reports or costs, please call us now on +44 (0)1462 683 533