Install and Training

hands on training by murraydataTraining is a vital component of any system we provide for customers. Training could be for a simple OMR software and scanner system for paper based data capture. Or our training could be for a full blown online examination or survey system for web and email capture. Whatever the system is, MurrayData usually provide training on the same day that we do any hardware or software installation work on your site, so that we only have to make one journey, and so keep our costs low.

Flexibility is key to successful training, and we try to be as flexible as possible, because often several members of your staff need to be trained during this day. We know how difficult it is to coordinate diaries of several colleagues! We can even split the day into sessions if this helps, allowing some staff to attend in the morning, and others in the afternoon.

Our training is always ‘hands-on’ as opposed to ‘chalk and talk’ or ‘death by PowerPoint’ lectures. We take questions as they arise during the day and try to answer them before moving on. Years of experience suggest this is the best training approach.

We charge a flat fee for training to customers on the UK mainland, but have to allow for a modest travel/ accommodation charge for elsewhere.

To find out more details about our training programs, please call us now on +44 (0)1462 683533