OMR Form Printing

OMR Form PrintingMurrayData would recommend the professional OMR form printing of structured forms and sheets in 99% of cases, as local printing of forms on laser printers or even inkjet printers causes more problems than just about any other in terms of data capture. The only exception would be where a customer required less than 300 forms AND is less interested in the accuracy of data captured.

In the vast majority of cases, customers require print runs of 1000+ and are very sensitive to capturing data as accurately as possible. MurrayData work with three specialist forms printers (two in the UK and one in Spain) to ensure that structured forms are produced quickly, are of the highest quality and in the most economical way possible. We have experience of OMR form printing such as MCQ answer sheets, OMR survey forms, patient record forms and booklets. Each printer we use has a wealth of experience in printing these types of forms and sheets, and understand lithographic printing, laser overprinting, drop-out colours and a host of other technical requirements in forms printing.

To find out how MurrayData can help in the printing of your structured OMR forms and sheets to keep within your budget and timescales, please call us now on +44 (0)1462 683522