OMR Scanning Services

Scanning BureauOMR Scanning Services

As the name suggests, MurrayData can perform some or all of the data capture, scanning, forms processing and reporting work, on behalf of a customer, from our own ‘scanning bureau’ or ‘data entry bureau’. This would normally involve the customer distributing and collecting forms, then batching these documents together in boxes and having them sent to our office by courier or post. This can often be a cost effective solution.

In terms of applications, we commonly provide this type of scanning bureau service for organisations who want the benefits of exam processing, or survey processing expertise. We can process and report on multiple choice exams and assesments, as well as student evaluation, questionnaires and surveys. In terms of technology, we offer OMR bureau, OCR bureau, ICR bureau and even barcode and image clip bureau services.

Operationally, we get to work opening the boxes, scanning the sheets and capturing the data in an agreed timescale. At this point, we can either give you the raw data captured back for your own analysis, or we can continue processing the data to provide meaningful reports in paper and/or electronic format.

This OMR scanning service solution can be ideal for certain customers, such as those who do not wish to invest in their own data capture system or who do not have the resources to operate and manage an in-house exam or survey system. Solutions such as MurrayData’s OMR Scanning Services are becoming even more popular, as customers now need to capture data from not only paper forms, but also internet and email sources.

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