science-formulaWe don’t imagine there will be too many ‘rocket scientists’ looking for technical information on these pages, but we think it is useful to give a few paragraphs about some of the technicalities associated with data capture. The following sections are written in terms that should be fairly easy to understand, even for the non-technical amongst you:

1 – OMR – Optical Mark Recognition or Optical Mark Reader

2 – OCR – Optical Character Recognition

3 – ICR – Intelligent Character Recognition

4 – Image Clips – doodles, drawings, signatures, etc

5 – Barcodes – the sort of thing they scan at the checkout

6 – Accuracy – is the data captured from the form reliable?

7 – Speed – how many sheets per minute or per hour do you need to scan?

8 – Verification – checking what has been captured by ‘eyeballing’

9 – Troubleshooting – what to do when things don’t seem to work

Often, there is balance which needs to be struck between online, paper, speed, accuracy, verification, aesthetics and cost effectiveness. MurrayData have many years of experience in this field, and can advise you on the most effective and efficient method according to your circumstances.

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