stopwatchVarious components within the Data Capture process need to be considered to determine the best technology to meet required accuracy levels. These components vary from technology to technology. Murraydata can provide expert help and consultancy in designing the appropriate processes using the most relevant technology to meet the accuracy needs of your projects.

In Summary:

Optical Mark Recognition provides the highest levels of accuracy, especially when used with forms printed on OMR paper with OMR inks, using drop-out colours approved for the particular scanner being used.

Barcodes come very close to OMR in terms of being recognized and interpreted correctly, as long as the barcode label or overprint is placed within a defined section of the form.

OCR provides the next level of accuracy, dependant upon the fonts being used in the printed text. Paper quality should be considered, especially for double sided forms.

ICR provides the lowest level of accuracy due to the varying nature of individuals hand written print. Form design can improve this by using tried and tested techniques to assist the accuracy of the ICR engine. Again, the use of drop-out inks, determined by the scanner light colour, can improve the accuracy of the ICR engine. Due to these lower levels of accuracy a higher level of manual verification is required when using this technology