Voting and Elections

WSC 2014 voting and elections

Ken Rafferty of MurrayData conducted the voting and elections at the WSC in Slovenia in August 2014

Another useful application for OMR scanners and technology is voting and elections. This can range from the simple voting for one of 4 or 5 candidates, to complex multi-candidate and multi-vote scenarios. These applications are normally provided by MurrayData as a service, rather than as a product or system sale, simply because they tend to be infrequent in nature.

As an example, MurrayData won the contract to supply a voting and election service for the 40th World Scout Conference in Slovenia in August 2014. This was a complex voting application, involving 16 candidates, and the ability for each member to give between 0 and 6 marks, or votes, for each candidate, and having the total number of votes cast on each ballot paper = 72, otherwise the ballot paper was to be considered void.

This was considered to be a very successful election, both by MurrayData and the organisers of the conference. MurrayData were able to give the organisers an Excel output of the total number of votes cast for each candidate within 90 seconds of the last ballot paper having been scanned. For more information, please see

MurrayData is confident in its ability to run successful voting and election services.

To talk to us about ballot papers, voting and elections, please call us now on +44 (0)1462 683 533.