About Us

In the last decade, OMR technology has improved dramatically. OMR scanners now have image and colour capabilities added, and OMR software has responded also by allowing on screen error corrections and automatic form archiving. MurrayData stands at the forefront of this technological change and being involved in an increasing array of data capture projects at home in the UK, and sometimes further afield.

Primarily, we are a trusted distributor of Scantron, the largest and most experienced OMR scanner manufacturer in the world. Although our territorial footprint with Scantron covers the UK and Ireland, we are often authorised to extend our reach into various European and African countries if the need arises.
This means that we have access to the very latest OMR scanner range, OMR software products and software development kits (SDK), standard forms, technical support and from 2017, the very latest online licensure and certification services.

And that is not all. We also partner with CADA Sistemas Informaticos in Spain to provide EdumetricPlus OMR software for our customers and in-house use, with access to tailored reporting and form design services if required. We are even beginning to explore opportunities with Vantage Labs of the USA, with their Artificial Intelligence products for medical school and publishing sectors (see www.iseek.ai).

We have the experience and expertise to add value to the following types of projects:
  • Exams and Assessments – MCQ, OSCE, OSPE, True/false, Extended Matching
  • Evaluations – surveys, feedback, questionnaires, student, patient, employee
  • Voting – elections, ballots, polls, simple, complex, proportional, multi-round
  • Inspections – agricultural (cocoa farms), wind turbines, power stations
  • Patient Screening – alcohol, tobacco, exercise, diet, allergies
  • Attendance Monitoring – schools, colleges, universities, training courses
  • Drug Trials – monitoring, reporting, recording, data analysis
  • School Bullying – specific survey and analysis from world leading psychologist
Our basic philosophy in everything we do conforms to the simple mnemonic EVE : Experience, Value, Expertise. We have many customers who have worked with over the course of several years, and who have given us recommendations for our service and professionalism. We would be delighted to help you in any data capture project that you have.

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