We can provide everything you need to run data capture projects from your own location, process the completed forms, capture the data and produce raw data, results, reports, charts and graphs. There are three main things that we provide, in order for you to achieve this:

There are a variety of OMR scanners in the marketplace, but we predominantly use Scantron scanners, as they are good quality, reliable, affordable and supported. Not only will we recommend the best one for you, but we can support these scanners for years into the future with spare parts and service contracts - Go to Page

Once we understand what you are trying to achieve from your data capture project, we will then recommend an appropriate OMR software package to use with the scanner. This may be generic data capture software relating to the scanner make and model, or a more specific software that processes the data further and provides results and reports. Our experience in this area is second to none. -Go to Page

There may be a standard OMR form already designed, that will fit your requirements, or may need to design and tailor one for you. Either way, we can provide anywhere between a thousand and a million forms, delivered to you, at a price that reflects our effectiveness and efficiency. Over the years, we have created just about every style of OMR form you can imagine. Have a look at some of our examples -Go to Page

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