OMR Software

OMR Software

An OMR scanner must be driven by, or controlled by, a piece of OMR software. At the very least, this software must communicate with the OMR scanner, capture data from the scanner, interpret the data captured, store it in a database, and allow this raw data to be exported as either a ‘CSV’ file, or something similar. In relation to Scantron scanners, there is a generic or utility program called ScanTools Plus which will perform these functions.

However, if your application is specific, such as MCQ exams, feedback, elections or inspections, then it is often better to use OMR software with more features, such as EdumetricPlus. This type of enhanced OMR software allows for importing of candidate details, scoring, marking, grading, error correction and reporting. A typical screen view of the software can be seen below.

As each sheet is scanned in the OMR scanner, the data is automatically captured and sent to the software within the PC. A new row of data appears on screen to indicate that a new form has scanned and that data has been captured from it. Once all the OMR forms have been scanned, it is time to then go through the error correction process. A percentage of all forms scanned will have errors in marking. OMR software like EdumetricPlus allows you to do this error correction quickly and easily on screen, rather than have to sift through the actual paper forms to spot and rectify mistakes. On the right hand side of the screen (shown below in this case), there would also be a chart displayed which updates as each sheet is scanned.

This type of software also provides a variety of reports as standard, such as Whole Class, Individual and Item Analysis. An example of an item analysis report with charts, showing the distribution of right answers, difficulty index, discrimination index and Point Biserial score for each question is given below.

Each and every expert within our network of data capture professionals is familiar and experienced with these types of reports. We can even go back into the OMR software retrospectively and change the grading or scaling parameters, once analysis has taken place on appropriate pass/fail setting.

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