Attendance Monitoring

Attendance Monitoring

An increasing number of colleges and universities are looking to utilise an attendance monitoring system for classes, modules and courses. Ideally, this system is automated, easy to use, records simply after each class or lecture, and can alert staff to extended absences. OMR is ideally suited to this kind of application.

Ideally, these systems should allow for easy importing of student names and overprinting of these names onto a formatted attendance sheet, as with the image on this page. In fact, this page allows for 50 student names to be overprinted on a single sided A4 sheet.
As you can also see from this image, attendance data for up to 24 consecutive lectures can be recorded on the sheet, as well as 3 spaces to show that a student has sat exams, and 3 to show that the student has completed assignments.

Attendance Monitoring Reports

The idea with such attendance monitoring systems is that the form is scanned after each lecture, to keep a cumulative check on who attended each class. These systems can also detect and notify the user that someone has filled in an attendance ‘bubble’ retrospectively, so that nobody can get unmerited attendance credit. Reports are often available to print or in PDF format. Gaps in attendance of 2 or more consecutive lectures will normally be highlighted on screen and in reports. The linking of teachers or lecturers to particular classes or modules is also a key factor in such systems, and also in reporting.

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