OMR support for scanners and software from help desk and on-site engineersOMR Support

All our OMR scanners and OMR+Image scanners are provided with an optional, but recommended, OMR support or service/maintenance agreement. As much as MurrayData have seen the robustness and reliability of OMR and image scanners improve from the 1980’s and 1990’s, there is likely to come a time in the 8-10 year scanner’s life when one of the following will happen:

  • An untrained user tries to use the system.
  • The scanner’s moving parts wear out.
  • The scanner’s delicate read head is treated with undue care and attention.
  •  Something is spilled on or in the scanner.
  • Communication with the PC (perhaps a new one?) is disrupted

The service levels in our support agreements vary according to your requirements. This can cover simple telephone support to immediate replacement of the scanner. We offer a reduced hardware support cost in the first year to reflect the 90 day warranty that comes with each device, and all our support is priced affordably.

OMR Software Support

All our OMR software is provided with an optional, but recommended, support agreement. This covers business day access to our telephone help desk service and free updates/upgrades to the OMR software during its lifetime. As a consideration, during the years that the software is in use, it is likely that users will come across one of the following problems:

  • An untrained user, or less frequent user, tries to use the software.
  • A user tries to use a new feature or facility without success.
  • A PC is upgraded or develops a problem, and requires a new software installation.
  • Communication with the scanner is disrupted.

To speak to us about scanner hardware or software support tailored for your needs, please call us now on +44 (0)1462 683533